While the lure of covering every device for a low price per device sounds great, in the end it will cost more that just using a repair shop to fix the devices as they break. Insurance is playing the odds. If you insure 500 devices, do you think all 500 will need repairs down the road? Most likely only 30% of those will require repair. Thus wasting the school and tax payer’s money. There is a device insurance company that we have worked with and half of the repairs submitted by the school were declined. So the insurance did not cover what the techs thought would be covered.

School device insurance companies are all about making money for their company, not saving you money. They can switch repair providers without any notification which can change the quality of repairs. Think twice about buying device coverage that does not cover all damages. In most cases the money saved could have replaced the damaged devices with new devices. Also adding insurance can slow the repair process down due to paperwork and the tedious approval processes.

Webscouts offers service contracts which repair all of the devices that are covered under the contract. Most contracts start at $50 per device. We adjust the number of devices each year so that you are not paying for a service that you do not receive. Contact us for more information.