Apple™ branded ac adapters and lightning cables regulate the voltage as well as current to a level that protects your school owned iPad and prevents it from causing damage to the logic board.

Charging your iPad using a third party charger or generic car charger, often found in gas stations, that do not regulate larger variables in voltage or current can damage the U2 IC and can leave you with a seemingly dead iPad.

Some symptoms of an iPad that has a faulty U2 IC are:

  • Battery won’t charge beyond 2%
  • Battery won’t charge at all
  • iPad shows random battery level readings
  • When the iPad will not connect to iTunes
  • Generates an error code when restoring in iTunes

The cause of this component becoming faulty is really quite simple – third party chargers and generic lightning cables!

WEBSCOUTS can replace a faulty U2 integrated chip for $94 on any model of iPad.