Webscouts repairs electronic devices for educational facilities and school systems of all sizes. Our customers range from large public districts, with thousands of devices provided for students and faculty, to small private institutions with limited equipment requirements.

Regardless of institutional size, we’re there to help when the inevitable happens and devices get damaged. And we customize our service plans to meet your specific needs.

For smaller schools, if often makes sense to pay for individual repairs when each device is damaged. But in larger schools or districts, iPad and Chromebook repair needs usually occur over time — a few each day — so keeping track of numerous separate invoices can create accounting hassles for clients. That’s why we offer monthly billing as well as yearly contracts for schools with high-volume repairs.

Yearly repair contracts often come with great discounts on our services. For example, 1,500 devices repaired (at our average rate) would cost $135,000 per year, billed individually. However, our yearly service plan covers unlimited repairs on up to 1,500 devices for only $75,000 per year. If more devices are added to the program, the cost per device could decrease from $50, to as low as $45 per device.

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