Colorado Springs, CO — Even as technology has gotten faster, cheaper, and more portable, a damaged device can quickly send you back to the dark ages. For students who now depend on iPads and Chromebooks for everything from note-taking to research, long turnaround times for repairs can set them back weeks.

Enter WEBSCOUTS, a national company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado that offers unbeatable educational rates and turnaround times for repairs.

“Whether you’re an individual or a school, we offer great rates for single or bulk iPad and Chromebooks repairs,” says owner Michael Kimbrell.

“I’ve used WEBSCOUTS several times and I’m always stunned by how quickly they work,” says Sue Spengler, a teacher at Manitou Springs Middle School in Colorado. “I use them for our school computers and my family’s personal computers. Taking our iPads to the Apple store can take weeks and I just don’t have that kind of time.”

Even if you’re out of state, WEBSCOUTS guarantees not only a low rate per iPad or Chromebook repair, but also free return shipping, and a turn-around time of no more than 24 hours from the time of receipt anywhere in the country.

“Most school districts and universities have to find someone local or go the Apple Store,” says Kimbrell, who worked as an Apple™ Certified Technician and Apple™ Consultant for over 18 years before starting WEBSCOUTS. “And those services often don’t specialize in bulk repairs and simply don’t have the capacity or parts on hand to guarantee a 24-hour turnaround. And the Apple Store is often a minimum of 2-3 days turnaround time if you’re lucky, not to mention the $200-$300 out of warranty repair cost.”

“Schools don’t have a lot of spares sitting around and everything students need to access — apps, assignments, books — is on their iPads and Chromebooks,” says Kimbrell. And though they depend on the technology, most schools simply don’t have money on hand for repairs, which need to happen as quickly as possible so students can get back to their studies.  “In education, turnaround time and affordability is the key,” adds Kimbrell.

“Even the most conscientious students are going to drop their iPad or Chromebook every now and again, and sometimes things just stop working,” says Spengler. “If we’re going to have students relying on these devices, then they need to be able to rely on us to get them fixed and back in their hands as quickly as possible.”

“I would recommend this service for any school district looking for iPad repair,” says John Litchenberg, Instructional Technology Specialist in Falcon District 49 in Colorado where all students K-12 use iPads.

“The prices are very good and turn time is amazing!”

WEBSCOUTS offers 24-hour turnaround guarantee on shipments of up to 35 devices at a time for schools, and free return shipping. They accept iPads and Chromebooks from every state and return them “just like new.”